Friday, March 12, 2010

March 7, 2010 - Tuk Tuk Restaurant

Tuk Tuk Restaurant
1745 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30309

Sunday brunch at Tuk Tuk. The menu is only slightly different than dinner (prices are mostly the same, one or two dishes swapped out).

This restaurant serves Thai street food, but the portions and prices are definitely fine dining. It was still worth it to have dishes I haven't eaten since I was last in Thailand (back in 2001).

Sai Krog Isan
- Northeastern pork sausage with jasmine rice and red curry kaffir lime sausage

This came with two types of sausage, spicy beef and pork. The spicy beef sausage (Sai Krog Bua) was not too spicy, definitely a gamier taste than the other, but the pork sausage is what we really came here for. Sai Krog Isan is unlike any sausage you've had. Typically, you get sweet or spicy sausage, very meaty flavor. Sai Krog Isan is a subtler flavor and the sour taste is wonderful. Maybe I'm projecting that it was so good because it reminds me of childhood. But I will say it did not dissapoint my memories.

Hoy Tod - Crispy mussel Omelette with scallions, bean sprouts topped with three flavor chili sauce

Another good memory of meals in Thailand. The trick to this one is using small, fresh mussels. I think mussels tend to be too chewy when they are large. These were small so that when you bit into one, it was just a nice little extra flavor, not the whole dish. The bed of bean sprouts (not a garnish, you must eat them!) really helped with the texture and soaked up the flavor from the omelette as it dripped down. We ordered a side of jasmine rice to go with this one.

Kao Moo Dang
- Three style pork, BBQ, Crispy pork belly, thai sausage, boiled egg topped with gravy over jasmine rice and black soy sauce

This ended up being two style pork as the Crispy pork belly was removed from the dish. Our waitress seemed surprised by this and asked the chef. Apparently, too many diners ended up throwing the pork belly out (sacrilege!) so they stopped serving it. They should really change the menu.

The dish was good, not great. BBQ pork and sausage were ok, the boiled egg a little rubbery. The black soy sauce was nice, but I had expected more sour flavor (maybe vinegar) in it to cut through the pervading sweetness of the pork. Again, the garnish (this time cucumbers chunks) was essential. It provided a cleansing bite to the dish. I liked the dish much less once the cucumbers were gone. We'll probably will try one of the other dishes (Joke or Kiew Thiew Neua) next time.

Overall, a very good meal. I will definitely be going back when I have a craving for Sai Krog Isan and Hoy Tod again.

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